10 Supernatural Powers Of Human Beings!

Posted by: on July 22nd, 2015  
Another supernatural task performed by magicians is hovering (levitating) themselves and withstanding the power of gravity. It’s nothing exceptional to be amazed at as any one of us can do it through practice and guidance.
Telepathy is all about communication between two or more minds in the absence of any sensory perceptions. This power is felt by normal human beings for a short period of time but telepathists can practice it always and are categorized as supernatural.
Mind Control
Numerous citations can be drawn from ancient cultures in which human beings hold full control over their mind, body and soul. When one takes the instance of the Eastern Countries, several gurus are famous in this field as they can control their body and mind with simple techniques of yoga and strong internal training. By doing so, they are able to reach a state which cannot be achieved by normal human beings.
Pyrokinesis is the ability to set objects or people on fire through concentration of psychic power. Some people are born with this ability. You must have read about such powers in fiction and historical epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.
See Through Illusions
One league of people who cannot be fooled are with advanced brains. Such people come to know about the truth even if anybody doesn’t tell them the reality. This power, we can say, is beyond normal people and comes naturally.
See Spirits
This is nothing about characters of Hollywood movies. It’s all about people who possess special powers to see even spirits. Experts also say that such people hold the superpower as an interlink among the dead and the living.
Telekinesis is the ability to move something just by thinking about it without using any physical force. You must have seen this while magicians perform their tricks. Examples of such people can be found in history.
It is the alleged art or faculty of knowing facts about a person by having a contact with it the objects related to that person. Here we are talking about people who have this superpower to find other details of a person, just by being in touch with that person’s belongings like photograph, handkerchief, shoes etc.
Astral Projection
Astral projection is a power which can enable an individual to control spirits. This capability enables a person to send their spirit to another place in the world by keeping their body stationery at a different place. It is believed that ancient yogis possessed this power when they were in a state of Samadhi (highest meditation state on which unity is reached)
People who are believed to possess this superpower are considered indestructible as their mind determines the organic tissues of their body to cure problems at a rapid rate. This type of power has the capability to heal serious abrasions, injuries and bruises in no time. A more improved form of this superpower is when a person has the capability to cure others’ problems in a similar way. You can hear about this power in historical epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata