If you’re looking to transform your summer, look no further than this amazing trick. To begin, you’ll need a cheap, medium-sized plastic box.
You’ll also need a foam pool noodle. These can be purchased from most dollar stores.
Cut the noodle up into four pieces, two long, two short.
Next, grab some waterproof nylon rope and cut a length of it.
Slip the rope inside the noodle holes and tie the pieces together.
Then wedge your plastic box inside the pool noodle rectangle.
Grab some ice and a few of your favorite beverages, then head to your pool.
Ready to transform the way you throw pool parties?
Hop in, and bring your new floating cooler with you!
No more getting out and running to the drinks. Now the drinks swim with you! Store-bought floating coolers cost upwards of $30. This cost less than $5!
Add some extra string to easily grab your cooler from afar.
When you’re done for the day, dump the melted ice, throw on the lid, and head inside. Can you see yourself using this on a hot summer day? I definitely could!